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Date:Monday 24th March 2003
Title:Thales Completes Geotechnical Survey in Arabian Gulf

Thales GeoSolutions has announced the recent successful completion of a complex geotechnical site investigation aboard its multi-purpose dynamically positioned (DP II) survey vessel, the MV Adams Nomad, for one of its northern Arabian Gulf oil industry clients. Underlining the company's continuing commitment to its survey customers and the geotechnical market, Thales GeoSolutions now has major offices in Abu Dhabi and is at present the only contractor in the region offering high-quality geotechnical surveying operations from a DP vessel platform.

To complete the project Thales mobilized a heave compensated SMR 200 drilling spread, together with a high-capacity derrick mounted over the vessel's moon pool, ensuring maximum stability in marginal sea states. With minimal downtime, the vessel performed over 1000 meters of drilling, including the recovery of high-quality samples and rock cores, in addition to down-hole piezo cone penetrometer testing (PCPT). Laboratory testing and preliminary engineering was efficiently accomplished onboard, allowing a rapid turnaround of the engineering data.

The Adams Nomad is able to complete a wide range of offshore geotechnical site investigation tasks, including, jack-up rig spud can penetration assessments and offshore platform foundation engineering projects. Offering cost-effective and efficient operations, the Adams Nomad's dynamic positioning negates the need for anchors thereby simplifying work in congested fields. In addition, this reduces the possibility of in-field disturbances and weather induced delays when using the vessel's drilling, sampling and other in-situ capabilities.

The success of the operation achieved on the Adams Nomad underlines Thales' commitment to providing geotechnical services of the highest quality. Thales is currently operating a duplicate spread on another DPII class vessel, the Pacific Retriever, in Mexico.

The Thales SMR drilling spreads offer a wide range of high-quality sampling and in-situ testing, including push, piston and hammer sampling, wireline rock coring and (PCPT) testing.


Date:Monday 24th March 2003
Title:ChevronTexaco Contract Worker Killed in Nigeria

ChevronTexaco said that one of its contract workers has been killed due to ethnic violence in the Escravos area of Nigeria. The company said that crew rotation at its Escravos operations has been halted because the current situation did not permit safe transport of its personnel. "Two catering contract employees working at ChevronTexaco's Escraovos tank farm were hit by stray bullets on Monday March 17. Unfortunately one died early today at the Warri hospital," spokesman Sola Omole said in a statement.