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Divers Happy Snaps

Yes I get paid for this ?? Own up
John England dressing in. That time is near
Who a handsome fellow then & who am I ?
What's it like to be a Christmas tree - Bev Standen
Which way did you say go
Aquadyne AH2 - Jay Rodgers
Bob Rusnaks MkV - Jay Rodgers
Russian Rig - Jay Rodgers
US Navey Mk12 - Jay Rodgers
3 divers getting ready for the plunge - Halliburton Subsea
Two air divers about to go to work - Halliburton Subsea
Waiting on shotline - Halliburton Subsea
Dry Suit diving - Halliburton Subsea
Ready for the water - Halliburton Subsea
Final stages of dressing in - Copyright Louise Murray
Now listen this is the plan - Copyright Louise Murray
Ready for the water - Copyright Louise Murray
Make sure it's tight - Copyright Louise Murray
Recovering diver - Copyright divework.com
Diver on deck - Copyright divework.com
Rare sight, Bo dressed as a diver - Copyright divework.com
Comm's to diver 1 - Copyright divework.com
Fraser divers launching the Sat bell on Stanislav Yudin - Copyright divework.com
Divers next to the god of wealth - Copyright divework.com
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