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Using a hydraulic cold cutter in Bombay High aboard DSV Nand Rewant
Installing a small riser section. Bombay High
Serimer Dasa Welding Equipment - Stolt Offshore, Norway
Heidrun TLP Foundation - Stolt Offshore, Norway
Dredging Spoil Island Tampa Bay - Stolt Offshore, Norway
Hyundai riggers removing SWP1 CGF - Copyright divework.com
Hyundai riggers opening to riser clamp SWP1 - Copyright divework.com
Lifting old riser out - Copyright divework.com
Lifting new SWP1 Riser off deck - Copyright divework.com
Attaching crane for lifting. SWP1 Soroosh Field Iran 2002 - Copyright divework.com
Days end on SWP1 Soroosh Field Iran 2002 - Copyright divework.com
Gotchya - Divework.com
Removing a lifting collar
Heavy lift at NFA - Divework.com
Deploying a spoolpiece - Divework.com
The offshore lloyds of london building - Divework.com
PS2 day time - Divework
PS2 night time - Divework
The end of another air dive
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