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An inquisitive Bass
A clown Fish
French Angel - Alongside a wall, at about 40ft. Roatan
Moray living on wreck at Haliburton Utila
Remora, free Swimming at Remora Roatan
Angler Fish - Divernet
Blue Spotted Ray - Steven & Fi Franck
Pipe Fish
Thornback Ray
In search of food - Sinai Divers
Barracuda circle
Follow the leader - Sinai Divers
Swimming over coral - Sinai Divers
Who you calling ugly - Sinai Divers
Can you see me! - Sinai Divers
A big Ray - Sinai Divers
Do I blend in? - Sinai Divers
What's in here then - Sinai Divers
Well am I a grooper? - Sinai Divers
Anemone fish - John Bulik
Hawkfish 0 Alan Klein
Silhoueltte of wrasse - Lee Ann Holwager
Barracuda - Samuel Lam
Cozumel toadfish - Samuel Lam
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